Getting off on the right foot

It seems right, for the first post of a new blog in which running will feature heavily, to strike a positive note. To start as I mean to go on. I had wondered how to break the ice in blogland, and thought the answer might come – as it often does for me when questions need answered – by going for a run.

I was right. It turned into one of THOSE runs – when the sun shines, the breathing is easy, the stride is long and you barely notice your feet touching the ground. These kind of runs don’t come along too often for me, which is why they stand out so clearly and I make every effort to enjoy and cherish them.

The surprise wasn’t just how good I felt, given that the last few weeks have felt sluggish and off the pace, it was the fact that I felt so good in light of having spent the previous evening meeting one of my best friends and thoroughly enjoying the best that the Brewdog bar in Glasgow has to offer.

So I’ll be writing about, amongst other things, sports journalism and training. Whether or not beer and burgers will become a permanent fixture in my schedules, I’ll keep you posted, but that recipe definitely worked this week!


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