Balloch to Boston…

Turns out it’s true. I checked the race website and everything. Typed my surname into the ‘list of entrants’ search window and there I am – down to run the Boston Marathon 2016.

To be honest, I have to keep checking. Boston is a bucket list race for most runners and, right now, there is a certain feeling of unreality to it all. I guess such events don’t begin to feel properly real until you are physically on the start line – but training is most certainly under way.

There’s still that feeling of ‘how on earth am I going to do this?’ which I find usually accompanies the start of a marathon schedule but after a year of trying a few different events out, making some slight improvements at triathlon, having a lot of fun but not really ever getting fully focused on an ‘A’ race, it feels good to have a great big target to aim at over the coming months.

Running amongst this…


To get ready for this…


With designs and ambitions of tackling a half iron man distance triathlon this year, too, it looks like the theme of 2016 is going to be one of endurance. So what better way to get going than with one of the most famous endurance races known to man?

This will be my seventh marathon but the first big city race adventure I’ve had for a while. It will be in stark contrast, too, to the area in which I train. I live in a small town in Scotland called Balloch (situated at the southern end of Loch Lomond, 20 miles or so north of Glasgow) and you couldn’t really wish for a better training playground. As well as dusting off some old reliable routes, I’ll also be treading some paths newer to me and heading off-road into the hills where possible to keep me inspired and help prevent the legs from taking too much of a beating.

I’ve consulted friends who have taken part in the race about what to expect when I touch down in Boston in mid-April. Their experiences seem to have been nothing but magnificent. From what I can gather, the marathon consumes the city and its people, while the atrocities which unfolded three years ago have only strengthened the feeling, pride and unashamed love which pours in the direction of this race.

So adventure awaits. I’m eager to drink the place in (I’m a big fan of Boston’s Samuel Adams beer, so that may become quite literal after the race), and the finish line will be vivid in my mind as the training miles pile up and the muscles begin to really grumble. There is much work to be done first, though. I’ll be writing about my progress and all about the event, too. I hope you can come along for the journey.

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2 thoughts on “Balloch to Boston…

  1. All the best and watch out for the Newton Hills late on in the race ! The crowd are the best in the world and are so up for it ! If you wear something Scottish they will roar you on ! Mind you you could also do you local Balloch to Clydebank 1/2 Marathon too ! 😉 Need any more info on the race as I’ve raced it 3 times please contact me on Facebook or at my email address ! 😉

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